Phriday Photo Gallery: Soft Focus and Magpies

In case you were wondering about the dearth of words around here lately, I have been dreadfully busy of late.  

 Still writing, but I don’t have as much mental energy to devote to poetry as I did.  Not enough time for navel-gazing (which, I have discovered, is a vital part of my writing process).  So I’ll be doing a lot more photo-posts.  I have 20,000+ images on hard-drives, so it’s a lot easier for me to bang together a decent photo-post than it is to put out any writing of quality.  I guess we’re shifting more into Photo-Blog mode.  

The wife and I are embarking on the undoubtedly insane venture of opening a restaurant. More on that soon…but in the mean time…


I have been shooting with Lensbaby Optics since 2007.  I can say without a doubt that these lenses changed the way I saw photography and got me back into shooting after many years without a camera in my hand.

I was privileged to be able to beta-test the Soft Focus Optic for the company before it was released.  They are a great company and this was a great honor for me as an amateur photographer.  These images were some of the first that I took with this optic and it is still one of my favorite lenses.

I am a Lensbaby Addict.  Actually, a founding member of LBAA….follow the link if you dare…