Sunday’s Soundtrack for Surfing: Julia Stone….

…in a recent live-stream…

Such an amazing talent. A touching and lovely song-writer.

Utterly unique.

Pay special attention to the words to “We All Have”. A song for these times.

Many thanks to Silvia at diespringerin for hipping me to what Julia has been up to, and especially for “We All Have”. I needed this song right now.

(and do follow the link over to Silvia’s place for a gorgeous acoustic rendition of this song….)


You know the drill.

Press play.

Go on about your day.

Monday’s Music Box: Jazz Soundtrack for Cooking…

Well, I usually do longer tracks for Sunday’s Soundtrack for Surfing and shorter stuff for Monday’s Music Box but I promised Trent some groovy music to cook dinner to and then….well….I kinda lost track of the days….

So here you have it.

Monday’s Music for Making Meals….or something.

We return to the Eastern-European Jazz stylings of one of my favorite guitarists, Gabor Szabo. Hungarian born, emigrated to the US sometime around 1956 following the Hungarian Revolution.

He had a truly unique style of playing that, once you hear it, is unmistakably his own.

I find his music to be the best cooking music ever.

With varying levels of cheese.

He can get pretty cheesy in his choice of cover tunes, but somehow always seems to inflect it all with his unique Eastern flavor.

Here is his 1968 release from the Skye label, Bacchanal…


You know the drill.

Press play.

Go on about your meal-making day.

(Just watch you don’t use too much paprika…)

You can find plenty more Gabor on YouTube, of course, and my previous sharings


Monday’s Music Box: I had decided….

…that even though I was getting back into the swing…

…of the Sunday Soundtrack thing,…

…I wasn’t going to bother with a Monday’s Music Box post this week…

…until I found this…

…These cats were destined to play together…

…Tom Misch & Yussef Dates…

…This is the kind of funk that your grandparents only ever dreamed of…

…but were too afraid to look at…

…like a first bite of Taleggio

…”Ooh. That’s what funky is….”…

More of Tom Misch HERE

More of Yussef Dayes HERE

Monday’s Music Box: Giant Steps….

…like you’ve never heard them before…

…lending me a whole new level of appreciation for this Giant of Jazz…

…and for the Carnatic music tradition…

…and for the amazing talent of this young lady…

…this is no small feat…

…this is Giant…

and, in case you want to hear the original…


Monday’s Music Box: FKJ

Three little letters.

One seriously funky cat from France (here with the American mixed-musical-media artist Masego):

Is there anything he can’t play?

Here with Tom Misch, an also-seriously-funky Brit dude (and a helluva songwriter):

And in case you’re still in the mood for a Surfing Soundtrack, here’s a nice long live set from him in a ridiculously cool spot:

Further digging into any of these dudes will reveal hours and many, multiple layers of funky fun….

I’m pretty sure this much talent would have gotten you burned at the stake back in the dark ages….must be black magic…

Monday’s Music Box: Everything Everything

…on Mahogany Sessions.

Some of the freshest, newest sounds in so-called “rock” music that I have heard.

And without resorting to technology, tricks or gimmicks.

One of those bands that you listen to, hear their studio tracks, their “radio-play” releases and love what you hear but then….

….you see them in a live setting and realize just how much you assumed unwittingly about how the music was made.

To see them perform these tunes live and (mostly) acoustically is simply stunning.

I recommend listening to the studio track first….

And I can’t recommend Mahogany Sessions enough. An awesome place to find new music that will move your soul.


Studio track (with cool video [if you’re into such things…does anyone watch “music videos any more?]):

And then….the acoustic, Mahogany version….

Happy Monday!