Absences and Apologies

Just a little note to let all of you know that I will be taking a bit of a hiatus.  My wife and I have been working for some time on opening a restaurant and crunch-time is upon us.

I want to apologize in advance if I don’t respond in a timely manner to any comments left here on APLG.  I greatly appreciate the time and thought that so many put into their feedback on what I post here and I am especially sorry that I am increasingly unable to respond in kind.

The soft opening of Corvid’s Cafe is tomorrow night (or tonight I guess, as it is past 2am) and the Grand Opening is this weekend, so I foresee very little time available to me for blogging for a little while.

I have many folks her on WP to thank as well for helping to inspire the name of our venture (you know who you are!).

I am certain that in due time (hopefully in just a couple of weeks) I can get back into a regular schedule of posting and reading.

Be back soon…

Holes in Houses

I was trying to think of what it was 
I had heard about woodpeckers 

pecking on the sides of houses
and said they sensed 

the electromagnetic field 
of all the wiring in a home 
and how it confused their senses 
and he looked at me like I had 

three heads or three extra holes 
in my head and it was only later,

many days later, that I remembered,
far too late to salvage 

his deteriorating opinion of my intellect, 
that it was the hum of the wiring 

that they heard or felt in the cavities 
of their heads and mistook for the activities
of termites and weevils making holes 
in the wood and I felt like twice the fool 

for I knew it hadn't sounded right 
when I told it first, about the 

electromagnetism.  I could as well have 
gone and told him, “That's why I line 

all my hats with foil, you know—
to keep the woodpeckers out!”

Screws and Marbles, a haiku sonnet

A poet, upon 
finding a screw on the floor, 
after head-scratching 

about possible 
provenance, looks up to find 
from where it fell or, 

better yet, gets down 
on the floor and then looks up 
at the undersides 

of tables and chairs.
They look to the undersides 
of things for losses 

and don’t bother looking for 
marbles anymore.