Sunday’s Soundtrack for Surfing: Maisha…

…with their album, “There Is A Place”

Boom! A slow explosion right out of the gate.  Racing cooly into groove….

One of my new favorite finds, and one of my favorite new finds…

Super-groovy London Jazz scene amazingness.

(The thread here is the incredible talent of Nubya Garcia…on tenor sax and flutes…keep an eye on this lady….)


You know the drill.

Press play.

Go on about your day.

Mid-afternoon almost-but-not-quite-still life with ceiling fan, houseplants, china cabinet, futon couch with pillows, lamp, windows, blinds, (through which can be seen: park with trees, grass, sidewalk and street),wooden chair, red velvet chair, birdcages, silhouette of daughter, pot lid, fish tubs, green and red tomatoes, lazy susan, (upon which can be seen: unopened manuka honey, pepper grinders, salt shaker, spool of butcher’s twine, toothpick dispenser, vintage 1950’s era Swingline stapler), dog treat bag (opened), jars, kitchen faucet, bottle brush……and shadows