Who is laughing at Who.

       What does it mean 
       when a meaning-making monkey

       says the universe is meaningless

       and another meaning-making monkey 

       writes about what the first monkey

       is saying?


       It means there are 

       two monkeys dancing

       and neither one of us 

       knows the steps.

(Image from Sun Xun's 3D animated film of scanned, inked woodblocks, Time Spy.)  

Monday’s Music Box: Changes, Fortunes, Misfortunes and Circumstances

Our world is turned on its head.  We are reinventing ourselves.  We are reinventing our Selves.

We are closing–after less than a year and a half–the doors of our beloved café.  It is for good.  We want to believe it is for the best.  For us all.  This was a dream whose time was not now.  The cost was too high.  We have no more to give.

We are closing–after over ten years–our catering business.  This has been our world.  This has been our life.  We are tired.  We are getting old before our time.

We are moving, as well, our home.  We are down-sizing.  By a ratio of seven to one.

Our world is turned on its head.

We are frightened but we are also excited about new beginnings.  More time together. More time to pursue what really matters to us, what we truly value in our selves as persons.  Our art.  Our words.  Our music.

We are ready for a new life.  We are ready for new lives.


No music this week.  Words instead.

This story has been much on my mind.

We all live in a cloud of unknowing.

At times, this becomes much more apparent.

(Many thanks to juntamng for sharing this story.)




The articulation of absurdity

"...a thing, any thing, impinges on us by a more important fact, its self-existence, 
without reference to any other thing, in short, the very character of it which calls our 
attention to it, which wants us to know more about it, its particularity."
							                                --Charles Olson

If we could hold any 


in hand or mind, 
any singular, self-existent 


without reference to any other 


then that 


would and could 
only be the only

We would find our selves holding 


whole universe, 



for what else 
could we hold 
without reference 
to any other 


We would find ourselves 
held in the hands
of angels

and annihilated.

coin of the realm

You can not save 
your life.  It is 
not yours to save.

No one can save 
your life.  It is 
not theirs either.

It is not yours 
to own.  It is 
not your own.  It 

is not to be 
owned.  This is the 
beginning of 

bondage and the 
illusion of how 
to be possessed. 

It was never 
yours to own.  It 
is already
all loss to you 
the moment you 
think it a thing.

A life-saving 
procedure is 
only a small 

procedure for 
delaying the 
moot loss of a 

thing you never
owned, that was
never a thing,

saving it just 
to later lose
what you never 

had to start with.
You can't save life 
any more than 

you can save time.
There is no bank 
in which to make

this deposit.
You cannot bank 
on it at all

though you can, it 
seems, bet on it, 
bet with it, bet 

it on something,
gamble it and 
waste it in so 

many ways that 
you can lose track 
of the ways in 

which you’ve lost it.
But wether it
is or isn’t

here or not there,
it is all you 
have to go on.