my name

(NaPoWriMo, Day 4)

Will you buy my name?
It is a good name.

I will sell it to you cheap.
You can besmirch it all you like.

Soil it.
Dirty it.
Sully it.

You can drag it 
through the streets
and burn it in 
or out of effigy.

Any way you like,
you can dine upon it and
stain it with the sauce 
that spills from your mouth.

25 thoughts on “my name

  1. Johnny, I’m in for an all-nighter and you just gave me a belly laugh and big ass smile. But you need to develop this some more–it has so much potential for greatness. Thanks. Best>KB


  2. Reblogged this on The Mirror Obscura and commented:
    I’m doing an all nighter and I just read this and it made me roar with laughter and needs to be shared with lots of people. I present to you Johnmny Crabcakes, A Prayer Like Gravity’s post. Please send all ‘Likes and Comments’ directly to his site.


  3. JCC what on earth are you up to now – selling your name of all things..tut tut young man – and think yourself lucky – I have been on a WP hiatus for a few days, now the weekend I may get back into writing and commenting. I’ll buy your name to stain with the sauce 🙂


    • Thanks Susan–glad you liked it. Didn’t intend it that way but gosh, I guess it does have a sort of sloppy humor to it.
      I always love it when I am confronted through my readers with a re-interpretation of myself.


    • Golly, and to think I just kind of banged it out. And many apparently find it humorous, which I guess I can see. I really appreciate that you find something deeper(?) here. This is one of those pieces that I feel says more through its simple and few words than it would have with too many.
      Thanks so much Nat–


    • Haha–yes! I once served plates to the contestants at a competitive eating competition, and your comment brought that whole gory, grotesquerie back to my mind. It was truly a disturbing and disgusting display of humanity. Funny that I now see there was an element of that memory in that final image that slipped right past my left-brain.


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