Monday’s Music Box, Soundtrack for Surfing: Mogwai

More Post-Rock pleasures….

…this time from Scottish lads, Mogwai.

They (Mogwai) disdain the categorization “Post-Rock” and I can’t say that I blame them.  I feel more and more these days that genre is dead.  Music is music.  Categories and genres are just unnecessary baubles for the pin-heads to talk about.  This coming from a self-labeled pseudo-intellectual (moi).

Still, it helps me find shit I dig on Youtube.

How is it I dig this stuff but can’t stand most “jam bands”?  Perhaps it is because of their self-awareness, their disdain for categories, genres.  I am a Pink Floyd child after all.

Guitars, guitars and more guitars.


Gotta love that album title, too.

Happy Dystopian Monday!

The Return of Monday’s Music Box, Soundtrack for Surfing: We Lost The Sea

So apparently there’s this thing called “post-rock” and apparently I really dig it.

Prog-Rock and Art-Rock’s lovely, mad bastard.

Crescendo’s abound.

Atmosphere’s crashing down.

We are all leaving now.

(In case you’ve forgotten how this Soundtrack for Surfing Thing works:

  1. Press Play
  2. Go on about your day
  3. Press Play again or
  4. See where this leads you….)

his darkness, his strength

Where he comes from.

His stability.

The solid thing that he can feel

–there, just beneath the surface,

beneath the light, under the dawn,

that never ceases its movement,

it is ever-present change and potentiality,

his heaven within the earth, his peace,

his source.


The weight of grey


It is so much to bear.

So much on his shoulders.

He feels the weight of it upon him.

Such pressure.  Such weight that he

cannot even grasp it all.

And yet….

And yet….

He looks down—always down—at his iron legs,

at his stone feet mired, rooted in the pavement.

“If you could just turn, just the littlest bit…”

“Right there….just over your…”

But no.  You do not know.

It is a darkness you can not know.

It is too much.