2020 – 102/366 – MIld Life Crisis – Doubles….

…exposures, that is…

Minolta Maxxum 5, 35mm film camera (which I purchased mainly because it has the same lens mount as my Sony digital SLR’s), with Fuji Realla color negative film (expired, I believe).

The first two taken using roughly the same technique–set the camera for multiple exposures (this setting option being the second reason I purchased this particular camera), exposure adjustment set to -1.0, in the first image snapped first shot with Lensbaby single or double glass optic (can’t recall which), in the second, snapped first shot with a “straight” lens (Minolta 50mm f1.7, I think?), then for both, removed first lens and replaced with Lensbaby (can’t remember which lens housing…) mounted with Fisheye optic, and snap second exposure.
(I really like this effect and just shot a roll a couple of weeks ago with some shots like this. Have to wait to get it developed, I guess….)

The last one was the Lensbaby double-glass optic used for both exposures, but with the camera flipped between exposures.

From somewhere around 2008-2010.

(oh, yeah. in case you were wondering, all that grit and grunge is legit, naturally occurring, old-school dust and badly-cared-for, badly-scanned film…..for real.)