Monday’s Music Box: Yekermo Sew

Keeping with the theme from last week, and hinting at where we are going, a little more Afro-inspired jazz for you.

This time a contemporary group from Spain called Sinouj.

The piece is by Mulatu Astatke, the Grand-daddy of Ethio-Jazz.  An amazing piece in it’s own right, brilliantly played by these dudes.  I am falling in love with this band.

These guys are taking jazz where it needs to go.  Encompassing the world in sound.

Monday’s Music Box: Soundtrack for Surfing….Alice Coltrane and Pharaoh Sanders

Ptah, the el Daoud

Something new for your Monday mind, for your empty ears.

I’m just gonna leave this looooong track here for you to hit play…..go ahead….Hit it…..then just leave this tab open and you just go right on about whatever else it is you have to do here on the inter webs, in the info ether…..think of this as a soundtrack.  Or better yet….walk away….hit play and walk away…..turn it up….plug it into your pioneer, your blaupunkt, your ear-buds and then let it wash your brain-pan man…..this shit will cool your jets…..

Quoets for Poets — …the perfect poem…

(Another one from Mr. Graves...because Lynn and I were talking about the "P" word...
and with a photo [for phoets?] because lucking into the fatherhood of this little girl is 
the closest I figure I'll ever get to achieving it and is more than enough. )


“Though, of course, a perfect poem is impossible. 
Once it had been written, the world would end.
—-Robert Graves