Scared Crapless….Help!

So I’m going in to my daughter’s school tomorrow to speak / do a presentation on poetry to the First Grade (AAaaaah!) classes.

I thought I would share some of my favorite nonsense poems from a book I loved as a kid, “A Great Big Ugly Man Came Up and Tied His Horse to Me”, and talk a little bit about rhyme and possibly rhythm in English poetry.  I would love it if any of you beautiful people have any experiences/ideas to share.

The school is a French language-immersion program, so I could also talk about French vs. English poetry forms (syllables vs. stressed) but I think that may be too much for first graders.

Any Ideas?

(I’m not really as scared as I may sound….I think.)




I am making myself write, at this moment.

I am making myself right, at this moment.

I am making my self, right at this moment.

[thank you mark, for getting me to pull this one out of the archives] [...a fragment of a piece that is trying to make itself...] [...the rite way wround...]

Ripple 1/22/13

this apparent uniqueness one of those unfortunate falsities that will sit there for a possible eternity waiting to be disproved even twins do not share actual molecules and I do not need to see every twin that ever was under a microscope in order to know this is true their alike-ness an illusion of convenience for our ignorant eyes they can not rectify the appearance of difference with the sameness of actuality of two different skins that share parts of the same deep soul [the small stone that started this little ripple]