we are carnivores


we feed on the scraps 
of the lives of others

we provide no 
sustenance of our own

we gnaw on the hearts 
of others for what 

feelings we can find
having none of our own

it is only a game
it is the only game

we know
it is the only way 

we show 

borrowing others’
being too 

passionate about 
dispassionate things 

that should not matter 
but do

we are cold and 
we burn 

the bones of others 
to stay warm

Ring of Fire

Fire-dancer at Third Degree Glass Factory.

All images Sony a700, Lensbaby Composer, Double Glass Optic

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This Man

what is it that keeps this man

that i see on this corner
with that look on his face 
every morning, sitting, slumped 
and breathing on the
wall of the garden where
he must be sleeping every 
night, wearing those same 
clothes every time that 
i see him?

                  what keeps him
going on?  what keeps him
from throwing himself in front
of a train?  what keeps him?

it is so easy for me to think
that it would be so easy.

will I see him in the spring?

I am kept by these things.