We (k)(n)ow(e)

We (k)(n)ow(e)

we could just 

walk away

we don't owe 
any one 
any thing

we don’t know

but we 


we have 
a terrible 

from time 

to time
(f)or all time


we are called

and don’t
get off easy

or easily

this is why 
the dying 
child fights

they know 
what we have learned 
to forget

The girls in the back seat

The girls in the back seat
make their animals 
do interpretive dance 
to the tune of Colvin’s “Suicide Alley.”

They’re not listening 
and the words

dance with the animals
and will not settle on ears
or come to rest 
anywhere near their hearts

but if it were just 
the one, my own, 
she would be 
looking out the window,
holding her Bella,

and I would have to be ready
for her questing questions
about the meanings of words

and i would have to tell her what it means
to take one’s own life and 
I would have to tell her that
nobody knows what it means
to take one’s own life. 

I still don’t know 
what it means
not to.

A request….and another request….

Some of you are already aware, but many of you may not know that my daughter (Magpie) is quite the artist and started her very own blog the summer before last.  We have had precious little time to spare since our family opened our cafe in March, but recently Magpie has gotten quite a bit more active on her blog and I would like to humbly ask those of my readers who are interested in seeing the work of a precocious 9-year-old to pop on over to Magpie’s Menagerie for a look-see.  She has a TON of stuff in the works–poems and art–and it would be great for her to get some more traffic and feedback.

And trust me, she’s not your ordinary 9-year-old (if there even is such a thing…).

Which leads me to my second request.

If anyone has any recommendations for blogs that SHE could follow, I would greatly appreciate any leads–other kid-bloggers and/or kid-appropriate blogs.  I keep a close eye on what she’s checking out but it would be nice for her to have some blog-friends that she can interact with without strict parental over-sight if possible.  She’s kind of nine going on forty so she’s capable of grasping some pretty heavy concepts but at the same time, daddy is, well….daddy.  You know….shining armor and all.  And swords.  Yes, very sharp swords.  One can’t be too careful.

Thanks bunches!