Sunday’s Soundtrack for Surfing: Bill Evans and Jim Hall…



What happens at 19:11 is a glistening moment of shear, sublime brilliance.

Tension amid structure.

Hesitation in the groove.

Dissonance in the smooth dance of movement.

It’s like a hiccup in the Mind of the Universe.

Such a beautiful thing.

Subtle enough that you might miss it…..

One guitar.

One piano.

Two minds meeting in Mind.


You know the drill.

Press play.

Go on about your day…..


Monday’s Music Box: Remembering….


(“Remembering Shakti” being the second incarnation of this amazing project from John McLaughlin, “Shakti” being the first.)

Some of the most accomplished musicians ever gathered together on one stage.

The chemistry between McLaughlin and Hussein and McLaughlin and Selvaganesh (the son of Vikku Vinayakram, member of the original Shakti) and McLaughlin and Sharma is worth witnessing as many times as you possibly can.

World Music taken to the highest and most sublime level.