Phriday Photo Gallery: Soft Focus and Magpies

In case you were wondering about the dearth of words around here lately, I have been dreadfully busy of late.  

 Still writing, but I don’t have as much mental energy to devote to poetry as I did.  Not enough time for navel-gazing (which, I have discovered, is a vital part of my writing process).  So I’ll be doing a lot more photo-posts.  I have 20,000+ images on hard-drives, so it’s a lot easier for me to bang together a decent photo-post than it is to put out any writing of quality.  I guess we’re shifting more into Photo-Blog mode.  

The wife and I are embarking on the undoubtedly insane venture of opening a restaurant. More on that soon…but in the mean time…


I have been shooting with Lensbaby Optics since 2007.  I can say without a doubt that these lenses changed the way I saw photography and got me back into shooting after many years without a camera in my hand.

I was privileged to be able to beta-test the Soft Focus Optic for the company before it was released.  They are a great company and this was a great honor for me as an amateur photographer.  These images were some of the first that I took with this optic and it is still one of my favorite lenses.

I am a Lensbaby Addict.  Actually, a founding member of LBAA….follow the link if you dare…

13 thoughts on “Phriday Photo Gallery: Soft Focus and Magpies

    • Thanks Phil–I’m afraid I’m an all-or-nuthin’ kind of guy. If I try versifying something…well, that takes time for me and time right now is what I ain’t got…so prose and pics is what you get.


  1. Nice work with the soft focus. Great models, too!

    Don’t tell me the restaurant will be called Johnny’s Crabcakes!?!
    Good luck with it. It sounds like lots of work…


  2. Keep the photos coming, then! These are terrific and I am very intrigued by the technique. I am still learning a more naturalistic way of taking photos so I especially enjoy more “abstract” (if that is what I should call it) approaches.

    A restaurant? That is terrific. When you’ve the mental energy, do tell!


    • I highly recommend checking into Lensbaby optics. Really very affordable (many consider them “toys”) and one can achieve very unique results. If you follow that link, you can click on my user-name there and it will take you to my gallery there. Lots of info to be found on the forums there as well though I don’t really hang there much these days.


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