Word Wild Weft

These are some of the threads that are currently weaving their way into my world.
Words like moons and planets that orbit with my thoughts.

Some seem to find me unawares.
Some I find under the stairs.
Some I seem to be searching for.
Some, it seems, are searching for me.
Lots of them
like to hide
behind the door.

I find them throughout my world.
I love finding them in yours.
They weave their way into my work.
You may not always see them,
but they are always there,
ever-changing constellations of
crenulating, recurrent thought,
things that exist as
waves and as particles,
things that my mind seems to dwell in
and that dwell in my mind
for a while, for a time
in my own
Word Wild Weft.

The current (get it?) list:


Some, like leaves on the wind, will hang on for a while, snagged on some recalcitrant mood, while others may just blow right on by…
…what words are weaving into your world?

9 thoughts on “Word Wild Weft

  1. I made a little collage years ago, with an etching of an indigenous girl from some long ago, far away place, a butterfly half-wing, and a list of words that, like yours, were recurring. Among them, seed, detail, delicacy, light, removal, disappearance, transparency, death, reflection, time, order, symmetry…it was more about visual ideas than anything else, and a long time ago. But some of the conditions still fascinate me – snagged on curly neurons, I guess!.

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