12 thoughts on “Sunday Softies….

    • I’ll take your word on that first plant–It’s a bit of a weed around here, but we let it go mostly, in nooks and crannies. I love its subtle, subdued beauty (my kind of thing). The passionflower on the other hand–quite the opposite. It is Rococo to the smartweed’s subtlety. It seems so alien, yet it (this species, anyway, Passiflora incarnata) is native to Missouri–a fact I still find hard to believe. Though we’ll have to see if this one makes it through the winter….


  1. Wow, so beautiful…the soft, dark approach creates a nice mood. Your love of and respect for veggies sings beautifully here. It’s fun to see the Smartweed, a rampant weed in New York that I, too, always appreciated. I don’t see it much here, if at all. I could never believe Passionflowers were native Midwest flowers either. I’ve only seen them in gardens. How nice that you grow the native one. Just gorgeous, Johnny!!!

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