You hit it.

My new home page.

Hopefully you didn't bellyflop.


I try to take great photographs.

I subscribe to the "Blind Squirrel" school of photography.

Every once in a while, I find a nut.

(Thank the gods for digital.)


I am serious about poetry.

I am not always serious about poems.

I sometimes write poems that are not serious.

I am willing to wait years for a serious poem to finish itself.


I strive to write great poetry.

Otherwise, why write poetry? 

Every once in a while, I like to think that I come close to achieving that goal.

If I'm trying hard enough to not try.


I try not to take myself too seriously.

Sometimes I fail.  



And sometimes I post trash on this blog because sometimes my best material 
just isn't very good and sometimes producing trash is better than not 
producing anything.



Deal with it.

It's just a blog.  

Don't get your respective under-garments in a bunch.


If you insist on seeing my "best," you could always look in that "Top Posts and 
Pages" list...down there at the bottom of the page.  

At least some folks around here thought that those were pretty good.

Some of them are better than others.

Funny thing is, I'm not particularly fond of many of them.

Many of my favorites didn't make it and now wallow in obscure corners of this blog.

Hmmm...but now I'm thinking perhaps I need a "Bottom Posts and Pages" list as 
The Blogger's Bottom of the Barrel. 
Maybe I'll do that...so that you can see the depths to which I am capable of 

28 thoughts on “Splash!

  1. Ok. Only now, three hours after putting up this page, do I see the humor of the whole “Splash” thing, what with the dead dragonfly and all.

    I did an end run around myself…totally didn’t see my self coming.

  2. So that’s the proper name for the way I take photographs! I always called it “pissing in the wind.” I’m a horrible photographer, but every now and then I shoot something worth sharing.
    I’m visiting for NaPoWriMo. Our blog is Poetry of the Netherworld.

  3. Plonk!!! …Yeah i landed here right on this spot…like a pebble in a lake of water creating circles on the surface… liked what i saw here… will come back again for more…. !! :) :)

  4. waiting years to finish a good poem… i like that part. i enjoyed the splashes, the photography references, but years to finish a good, serious poem–i liked that best. is it too cliche to speak of wine and cheese? the scent of the words simmering…

    • I am a chef and restaurateur by trade.
      Wine and Cheese are never cliche! ;-)

      Simmering, yes. One of the names I had toyed with for my blog was actually, “My Life as a Six-Burner Stove.”

      Cooking and food metaphors mesh with my writing process very well indeed.

  5. I just read this again. I’m not too keen on some of my more popular posts, either. Or more accurately, my personal favourites are often not so well received. Too bad. I will continue to suit myself. :)

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