Monday’s Music Box: FKJ

Three little letters.

One seriously funky cat from France (here with the American mixed-musical-media artist Masego):

Is there anything he can’t play?

Here with Tom Misch, an also-seriously-funky Brit dude (and a helluva songwriter):

And in case you’re still in the mood for a Surfing Soundtrack, here’s a nice long live set from him in a ridiculously cool spot:

Further digging into any of these dudes will reveal hours and many, multiple layers of funky fun….

I’m pretty sure this much talent would have gotten you burned at the stake back in the dark ages….must be black magic…

Sunday’s Soundtrack for Surfing: Toe…


…a moderately short surf…

…from the boys from Japan…

You know the drill.

Press play.

Go on about your day (or eve, as the case may be, and as I’m late to getting in the swing…but trying, yes, to get back into this and a few other important swings…)

Have a Frabjous Sunday–

Monday’s Music Box: Everything Everything

…on Mahogany Sessions.

Some of the freshest, newest sounds in so-called “rock” music that I have heard.

And without resorting to technology, tricks or gimmicks.

One of those bands that you listen to, hear their studio tracks, their “radio-play” releases and love what you hear but then….

….you see them in a live setting and realize just how much you assumed unwittingly about how the music was made.

To see them perform these tunes live and (mostly) acoustically is simply stunning.

I recommend listening to the studio track first….

And I can’t recommend Mahogany Sessions enough. An awesome place to find new music that will move your soul.


Studio track (with cool video [if you’re into such things…does anyone watch “music videos any more?]):

And then….the acoustic, Mahogany version….

Happy Monday!

Hidden Enough ~water phase~ phase 2

…far too hidden…

…for too long…

(a [tentative, pensive, flirtive and perhaps a bit trepidatious] return to this place, this piece, from the very earliest days of this blogging venture, this prayer like gravity)

(not entirely sure where these words have come from, but I am trying to pay attention to where they are going…)


…and from these chambers come words…

“Consummate the language.”

“Dream. Dream.”

“Ah, there you are. We have not seen you here, this deep, in quite some time.”

“I have been on the surface or near the surface but I have kept sight of you. I have never gone where I could not see you at all.”

“We have seen you and known that you were near but we have not seen you here, this deep, this close to the depths. Are you afraid? Were you afraid? Of the depths? Of coming this deep? Afraid of what you would find here? Of what these findings might do if you took them up to the surface and into the light?”

“No. I am not afraid, though I think that perhaps he may be or may have been. I tried to bring him down with me, but he would not come or was not able to come.”

“You should know that we will not hurt you or him. Though I suppose that what you might take up there could be seen as a danger to some and the surfacing could destroy what you take up. The air and the light are often not kind to these things. Down here they withstand crushing pressures and yet, up there they become as delicate and fragile as veins in a leaf of coral and wilt pale in the harsh light and heat of the sun.”

“I know. He knows. But he is caught up, up there in the air, caught up in those thoughts and those things and those places in the light and the day. He is in a place where he cannot see down here at all, where he questions even the existence of these depths at times and questions the time that it would take to find them or the way down to them and whether the work is worth the effort and whether he is worthy.”

“He will return. They always return. In the end if not sooner. They are creatures of habit. Their power is in their black return.”

“While I am still, as ever, slow walking and returning as all ways lead to other ways, unfluttered.”

Monday’s Music Box: Rita Payés and Elisabeth Roma —

A daughter as (stunningly!) talented as her mother.

A young lady (only 19 years old!) whose career I am eager to follow.

A voice like the smoothest of silks.

Icing on the cake: here’s a playlist of their newest mother/daughter duet album:


Happy Monday to all and many happy returns!