Monday’s Music Box: Since I can’t seem to stop thinking about…


Something a little contemporary.

Something a little classical.

Something a little contradictory?

Something a little self-contradictory?

Something a little stringy.

Something a little septet-y.

Something a little Simeon.

What is added?

What is taken away?

And where is that seventh string thing?

Aaah, there it is.

Almost at the seventh minute.

Of course. Of courses.

The Noise and the Unconditioned


Sometimes the lines and the bars

and the panes and the wires

come from everywhere around,

up from below, down from above,

in from all sides, even, at times,

from within, and it is all that we can

do just to catch a glimpse of the unconfined

though it is all around us.

Monday’s Music Box: Lost in the Mist…

…of Alfa Mist

Another wonder found through the fresh algorithms of Youtube.  Not sure what makes their’s different, but I can’t stand what Pandora and Spotify try to throw at you while Youtube always seems to give me glorious surprises.

Don’t usually go in for much hip-hop, but this is beauteously blended with Jazz to make a tasty time for the ears….

Reminds me of late ’60’s / early ’70’s Miles Davis with a definite modern sensibility.  Is it a coincidence that Miles Davis – Miles In The Sky (1968) is now appearing in my ‘recommended’ feed on Youtube?  I think not.