Monday’s Music Box: My new favorite….

…track, album, band.  You name it.

Amazing sounds from a group that I have not been able to find out much about except that they are from Argentina.

With a touch of Africa, Asia and Jazz….

Stunning work.

Such a broad range of sounds, colors and textures.

A dream of an aural landscape for the mind to wander in.

Beautiful, beautiful music.

Quoets for Poets — real poems travel…

“You can't force it intellectually. You spoil the poem. You mess it up. When you've 
worked through to the real poetic level, the connections webbing together every single 
word are quite beyond intellectual arrangement. A computer couldn't do it. You've got 
not merely sound and sense to deal with but the histories of the words, cross-rhythms, 
the interrelation of all the meanings of the words—a complete microcosm. You never 
get it quite right, but if you get it almost right, it insulates itself in time. That's why 
real poems travel.”
—-Robert Graves

Monday’s Music Box: Gregory and The Hawk

Or Meredith Godreau as she is known when she’s not making music?

Gregory and the Hawk being her pseudonym.

An astonishingly talented singer, song-writer, multi-instrumentalist and creator.

Don’t let the sweet lilt of her voice fool you.  There is serious power here.

This album, Moenie and Kitchi, hooked me from the first song.  The rest of it gently blew me away.  And then I listened again.  And again.  And every time it revealed new depths.

And every album that I have listened to since does the same.

I look forward to every new listen….

Hope you enjoy.