Songs of Fictive Moments: Rocking

(The second in a series.  The first can be found here.)


On the south side of town,
a young couple 
pushing a stroller
rounds the corner
of a closed cafe 
among two-family 
and four-family

They walk half-way 
in the heat
across a small, empty plaza,
stand and wait, 
as they talk,
looking down at the sidewalk,
and down the street.

A bright white 
suv pulls up
at the curb, 
rims shimmering 
chrome in the sun.

The girl--
thin with lank 
blonde hair and 
willowy skirt
--walks up 
and stands 
on tip-toes
at the driver’s 
side window.

The boy stands back, 
rocking the stroller. 

The girl 
leans in.

Hands move.

She speaks,
tucks a few 
loose strands of
hair behind her ear,
looks up at the sun,
looks down the street,
looks up the block
and steps back.

The suv drives off
and the boy 
and the girl
go back 
the way they came,
pushing the stroller 
and examining 
a small package.

7 thoughts on “Songs of Fictive Moments: Rocking

    • Thank you, Alice. You are kind to say so. This one is so different from the first, i found myself wondering why they’re connected, but “clarity” was what I was going for, so perhaps that is the thread. This one is a bit more than one moment…but I guess “Soldiers” was too now that I look at it.


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