I stand at the intersection of
compassion and self interest,
thinking how life can make

such an ugliness of us all
or is it how we make such
an ugliness of life?

Cheeks change from
cherubic to sallow,
hour by hour.

From jaundiced to
jaundiced we go, from
sweet to salt to sour.

9 thoughts on “Intersection

  1. It’s a highway
    look both ways
    stick your foot out
    edge in slowly
    jump over the effluvium
    making its way to the drain

    there’s an isle of equilibrium in the medium strip
    flowering shrubs grow there
    where no one waters them but the rain
    and the exhaust of whizzing vehicles

    they’re just hanging out
    someone stuck them there
    what’s a shrub to do?
    but flower…


    • Thank you Jeremy. And I didn’t feel these to be necessarily bitter, though I guess they sound that way. I was thinking more of the matter-of-fact inevitability of aging. I’m glad to hear that bitterness is tempered by the rhythm. I guess there was more going on behind the scenes in this one than I realized. Thank you once again for shining your light on that!


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