Three “Invisible String” poems (after Jim Moore)

I do not like 

polishing the tea pots.
	My face, already 
		grotesque, reflected, distorted 
	even more in their surface.


I have nine books

borrowed from the library.
	Still, I am reading the one
		new book of poems
	I found at the thrift store.


We don’t know

the length, the breadth,
	the width, the height,  
		and certainly not the depth 
	of our unknowing.


9 thoughts on “Three “Invisible String” poems (after Jim Moore)

    • Hmmm…been quite a while since I read The Book so I’m afraid the specific passage escapes me.
      The formatting is part of the style of Jim Moore’s “Invisible Strings” book. All the poems are written in this manner more or less. The line endings lend a real sense of import to the phrasing. After reading the book my mind started putting sentences together in this manner. I found it quite addictive.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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