that time, ii

(a continuation, of sorts, of this piece)


it is that time when the dark 
won't come soon enough
but comes too often
when there is only light leaving

when no blanket is soft enough
no darkness thick enough

when all that we can see 
is all that we can have
and it too is leaving

when yesterday was bright
and tomorrow is a shadow

it is that time 

when there is no one about

9 thoughts on “that time, ii

    • Thank you Alice–While not trying to be depressive, exactly, I am rather fond of expressions of dark feelings. It is important to connect with these times, to hold them in one’s hands, to feel their weight.
      This (and that time, i) touch on a feeling that I have had since childhood, that has been built upon variously by losses of one kind and another and that I always associate either with autumn or winter, dark and darkling times. Hard to express, which is why poems seem to be the only way to get at it, to hold it.


    • The flower was from a bouquet from my mother’s funeral. She died on the first day of spring. She hung on long enough to see our daughter born and to watch the winter Olympics one more time, so yes, there is life in it.


  1. I really feel your words. Tears came to my eyes with the emotion it brought back to the surface for me, but I find a beauty here. Interesting that the shriveled bud is white and casts a definite shadow implying the presence of a strong light. The photo is a poignant visual image and perfectly symbolic for the feeling I found in your words. So glad I was led here by bluebrightly’s challenge post.

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