that time, ii

(a continuation, of sorts, of this piece)


it is that time when the dark 
won't come soon enough
but comes too often
when there is only light leaving

when no blanket is soft enough
no darkness thick enough

when all that we can see 
is all that we can have
and it too is leaving

when yesterday was bright
and tomorrow is a shadow

it is that time 

when there is no one about

Quoets for Poets: Camus

I've been re-reading The Myth of Sisyphus again....

"All this is good and I wait for you to continue.  But you tell me 
of an invisible planetary system in which electrons gravitate around a 
nucleus.  You explain this world to me with an image.  I realize then 
that you have been reduced to poetry: I shall never know."

                 --Albert Camus


i am driving home, back to work,
back to the kitchen, our new cafe, 
on this late october early evening
with the day and the days getting 
darker by degrees and i see a 
tall white van backed up the drive
of a small house.  its back doors
are open and on its side is painted
a large blue cross with the name
Provider Plus in white letters cut out 
of the cross and of course i wonder
if someone has come home to die.

a brace of mallards cuts across my 
route as i cross the river and they 
follow it.  i must stop at the grocery 
for fruit as the commercial supplier's
have been so atrocious lately.  the
parking lot is packed on this early
friday evening and i see the pinking
autumn sky reflected in the windows 
of all the cars and trucks.  it will
be dark by the time i get home.

The Look

Do you look 

Do you look 

Do you look 
in the face
		and tell 
			  it to 


My beautiful wife hates
to have her picture taken.

What have you done
to my love?

My little girl wants to 
be a ballerina, a fairy.

What will you do
to love?

So many girls
so many women.

What do you do
to love?