Monday’s Music Box: Everything Everything

…on Mahogany Sessions.

Some of the freshest, newest sounds in so-called “rock” music that I have heard.

And without resorting to technology, tricks or gimmicks.

One of those bands that you listen to, hear their studio tracks, their “radio-play” releases and love what you hear but then….

….you see them in a live setting and realize just how much you assumed unwittingly about how the music was made.

To see them perform these tunes live and (mostly) acoustically is simply stunning.

I recommend listening to the studio track first….

And I can’t recommend Mahogany Sessions enough. An awesome place to find new music that will move your soul.


Studio track (with cool video [if you’re into such things…does anyone watch “music videos any more?]):

And then….the acoustic, Mahogany version….

Happy Monday!

Sunday’s Soundtrack for Surfing: Maisha…

…with their album, “There Is A Place”

Boom! A slow explosion right out of the gate.  Racing cooly into groove….

One of my new favorite finds, and one of my favorite new finds…

Super-groovy London Jazz scene amazingness.

(The thread here is the incredible talent of Nubya Garcia…on tenor sax and flutes…keep an eye on this lady….)


You know the drill.

Press play.

Go on about your day.

Sunday’s Soundtrack for Surfing: Nim Sadot…

…by Nim Quartet…

…out of the UK…

…near London, I believe…

…(wish I was close enough to see them play live)…

…again hard to classify, genre-fy, pin down…

…as most great music is…

…jazzy, funky, bass-driven…

…(and I love that Escher-esque cover-art)…

…dig it…


You know the drill.

Plug it in.

Press play.

Go on about your day.


Monday’s Music Box, Soundtrack for Surfing: Mogwai

More Post-Rock pleasures….

…this time from Scottish lads, Mogwai.

They (Mogwai) disdain the categorization “Post-Rock” and I can’t say that I blame them.  I feel more and more these days that genre is dead.  Music is music.  Categories and genres are just unnecessary baubles for the pin-heads to talk about.  This coming from a self-labeled pseudo-intellectual (moi).

Still, it helps me find shit I dig on Youtube.

How is it I dig this stuff but can’t stand most “jam bands”?  Perhaps it is because of their self-awareness, their disdain for categories, genres.  I am a Pink Floyd child after all.

Guitars, guitars and more guitars.


Gotta love that album title, too.

Happy Dystopian Monday!

Monday’s Music Box: Lianne LaHavas

On NPR’s Tiny Desk.  I love the intimacy of performances like this.  The Tiny Desk Concerts are a treasure trove of great music.

A little UK Soul for you.

This gal is a force to be reckoned with.  A multi-instrumentalist and composer.  She’s got soulsoulsoul, class and style out the wazoo.  And she’s beautiful as well.  Especially once she starts singing.  You have to respect someone with this much talent and integrity.  Call me histrionic but the power of the beauty of her soul comes shining through.