Book, Salt and River

My reply for Ramblingmums Three Nuts and a Squirrel Challenge....


You have opened yourself like a book,

taken that look and given it back

in folds of soft loving,


given me the shivered salt

of your throat


while the river

comes and goes,


and goes

She Made Me Do It! : Poem Prompt/Challenge

whimsy~mimsy that is…didn’t think anyone would take her seriously…
Hah! That’ll show her!

I was reminded of a game that we used to play as obnoxious teens.  We would go into a grocery store and find three of the most disparate, unrelated and incongruous (and often suggestive) items and buy them just to see the look on the checker’s face, while we tried to keep a straight face.

I had even more fun responding to mimsy’s prompt.

So, what do we call this Three-Word Incongruously Themed Poem Prompt Challenge?
“The Goofy Grocery List”?
“You Want Me To Do What?”?
How about “Three Nuts and a Squirrel”?
Yeah, I kind of like that…

So the idea: Make a poem on the stated theme (the Squirrel) and include the three words (I think nouns work best) or ideas based on them (the Nuts). 

So here’s mine.  Three words. One theme.  Limitless possibilities….

The Words:
Safe (the object)

The Theme:
Something Sensuous or Romantic (…let’s just roll with it…)

So there you have it. Stick the Squirrel in the cage that is your Mind, chuck in the Nuts, and see what breaks free!

Please post the results or links to them in the comments below.

Good luck and Have Fun!