Monday’s Music Box: I needed this….

….beautiful song from what is becoming one of my all-time favorite bands,

The Paper Kites

It’s been a rough week…more for my love than for me.

This says more than I can….right now.

Totally uncomplicated….

….as I hope your Monday is…


(the return of) Monday’s Music Box: The Paper Kites


Don’t let their sweet sound fool you.

There is a depth

and an edge here

that defies the easy listen.

(Lyrics follow)

(this one’s for Silvia)



Had a dream that I sent for your love in the morning
And you came to me at about a quarter to three
Said I didn’t look like I used to look and man I do not know your face
And I woke to discover that the things that you said
Were true to me in some kind of way

So I stared down the figure in the bathroom mirror
Took the razor in my hand
Now I could draw a line or I could cut my hair
But it don’t change the way I am

Cause I’m a part of the world I live in now
Only set apart from the world I live in now
Ghost of a renegade

San Marino sun took me in, it eclipsed me
And the world it was vacant like I’d never seen
And once I walked the rhythm in my own damn way
Part of the evolving age
But I heard the warning from that young mans lips
And he said that times would change