NaPoWriMo, 2016, Day 9 (on day….ummm, whatever…give me a break, I’m still writing. I’m still giving myself, poetically…), Something to do

Something to do

it has something to do with these three little pieces
and an old coffee can full of more

something to do with 
many pieces that are lost

that are lost but almost remembered and
then forgotten again

many things full of many pieces 
that are almost found 

and then lost again
and then forgotten yet again

how many things have been lost and then forgotten 
and never remembered

or barely remembered
or only just remembered in a fevered state

in the night
in a sheet-soaking sweat

things that seemed
terribly important at the time

but then were hidden from the mind under the corner of a rug
in the corner of a rug shop

a dusty place to lose your self

...keepin' the Po in NaPoWriMo...