Monday’s Music Box; Soundtrack for Surfing: Rafael Karlen – The Sweetness of Things Half Remembered

Jazz with a taste of classical?

Chamber Jazz?

Rainy day music?

Musical nostalgia for saudade?

Whatever you want to call it,

it is sweet to hear.

And the method is the same:

Press play.

Go on about your day.



Monday’s Music Box: Since I can’t seem to stop thinking about…


Something a little contemporary.

Something a little classical.

Something a little contradictory?

Something a little self-contradictory?

Something a little stringy.

Something a little septet-y.

Something a little Simeon.

What is added?

What is taken away?

And where is that seventh string thing?

Aaah, there it is.

Almost at the seventh minute.

Of course. Of courses.

Monday’s Music Box, Soundtrack for Surfing: Ólafur Arnalds

A wonderful Icelandic composer.

A lovely Soundtrack For Surfing.

Relax….and let the waves pull you under….I’ll meet you at the bottom…

And a pretty funny guy, too, as seen in this Live on KEXP performance:


Cheers and Enjoy!