Phriday Photos, on the edge, behind the wheel

Often times, my only photo-ops are from behind the wheel.

These were all taken with the Lensbaby Composer, Edge 80 Optic.

It’s like a tilt-shift lens without the shift.

All were found on the way from here to somewhere,
most behind the wheel, some at stoplights.

As always, thanks for looking.

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This Man

what is it that keeps this man

that i see on this corner
with that look on his face 
every morning, sitting, slumped 
and breathing on the
wall of the garden where
he must be sleeping every 
night, wearing those same 
clothes every time that 
i see him?

                  what keeps him
going on?  what keeps him
from throwing himself in front
of a train?  what keeps him?

it is so easy for me to think
that it would be so easy.

will I see him in the spring?

I am kept by these things.


A thousand things cut 
this city up but leave it 
laid out before us 

on the table. We 
are flayed alive while we strip 
it block by block.  These 

streets are lines on our 
hands.  The continuity 
is gone but it still 

congrues like gruel 
in the bowls of our brains.  We 
can never glue it

back to the way it was when 
wheels shared streets with hooves.