Monday’s Music Box: Feel-Good Music, Life is better with you…

….all.  Yes, all of you!

A new feature here on A Prayer Like Gravity.  Just for fun, every Monday, I will be sharing some of my favorite musical discoveries.

I love music.  A lot of music.  A lot of VERY diverse music.

I love to share.  I hope you enjoy, but what I really hope is that you discover something new that you had no idea you would enjoy.

Music is much like food.  You should never be afraid to try anything.

More than once.  Tastes change and grow.

Taste takes time.

This song is a big THANK YOU to all who have followed, liked and especially shared your thoughts, your words, your worlds with me.

Hard not to smile at this gem by Michael Franti…one of Magpie’s new faves: