Monday’s Music Box: Pharoah….

…at his smooth, funky, groovy best.

“Harvest Time” from his eponymous release, “Pharoah”, 1977.

This one just makes me want to lay under the covers with a hot cup of coffee on cold, rainy November morning and watch the water fall from the sky….

A Happy Harvest Time to you and yours, wherever you may be.

(Unless, of course, if you’re south of the Equator, in which case, Happy Day!)

Monday’s Music Box; Soundtrack for Surfing: Rafael Karlen – The Sweetness of Things Half Remembered

Jazz with a taste of classical?

Chamber Jazz?

Rainy day music?

Musical nostalgia for saudade?

Whatever you want to call it,

it is sweet to hear.

And the method is the same:

Press play.

Go on about your day.