Monday’s Music Box: TAIFAS — aires populares

Can’t get away from the work of Mr. Paxariño.  This time with the incredible flamenco guitarist, Nono García and pay attention to Mr. Faín S. Dueñas, the gentleman second from the right, playing the doumbek (the goblet drum, known by many other names including chalice drum, tarabuka, darbuka, debuka, dumbec, dumbeg, dumbelek, toumperleki ).  We will soon be embarking on a backward journey in time.

Well, to be honest, the journey has already begun and Mr. Dueñas plays a central role in this journey.  (I just didn’t tell you…)  It is due to this man that much of my musical tastes have developed as they have.

The gentleman second from the left, Chano Xerez, is playing what is known as a “riq,” a tambourine in the traditional eastern style and played in that unique way, using the ring fingers of both hands to play mostly the zills (or jingles) and only playing the skin of the riq for accents.  Quite a bit different from the way we are used to seeing a tambourine played.  It adds a lovely, effervescent rhythm under the music.

Be warned that if you go searching on Youtube for more from TAIFAS, you will find tons of historic bits about the Muslim-ruled municipalities of Moorish Spain as well as what appears to be a Spanish death-metal band.  For this last, I apologize.

The best place to look is here, on the channel, Espacio Ronda.  They have a number of videos of these amazing gentlemen, all equally worth watching.