kit and kaboodle

it’s like that sometimes:

being depressed 
while being given an award.

feeling homicidal on your birthday.

hating the warmth of the sun.

laughing at funerals.

all this.

the highest highs
and the lowest lows
lost in each other,


the same and unassailable.

Quoets for Poets 5/6/13

“In taking the everyday details of life for granted, we fail to appreciate the extraordinary fact that we are conscious at all.”

—Stephen Batchelor


“That could almost be cited as the definition of a poet: someone who notices and is enormously taken by things that somebody else would walk by.”

—James Dickey



Anger and Attention

“If you’re not angry,
you’re not paying attention.”

When I am angry,
I can not pay attention
to anything
but my anger

and I owe
too much.

When I really
pay attention,
the voice is
all I can hear
and the mind runs
from the numbers.

This is a debt
that I can never