Hey all….


The Magpie is back at it.

For those who don’t already know, The Magpie is my amazingly talented and creative (if I do say so myself) daughter. While she has had the hand and eye of a True Artist quite literally since she was still in diapers….

…and her talent (and creativity and imagination) has grown nigh exponentially…

(just a small sampling of the depth and breadth of her work over the last few years)

…she has now made made the written word her main focus. She is currently eating, sleeping and breathing the writing life, morning, noon and night. It is the first thing she wants to do every day and we must force her to stop every night in order to get some unfortunately necessary rest. And she is doing all this while somehow still maintaining her visual art pursuits, interests in science, math, mythology and literature and high honors in school. Her dedication to this new endeavor puts my paltry efforts to shame.

I hope you’ll take a look at her Magpies Menagerie and see what she’s been up to and stick around to see what she has in store.


(Am I being overly indulgent or proud? Can you blame me?)

The Poem in Question…

...from when it was Time For Bed...


The Nature’s Song

The wind
whistles past the summer
stream, The sun shines of a
beautiful beam,
The colorful animals
from all around,
Make their noises with 
perfect sound.
The songs of birds drift
past the trees,
With millions and millions
of bumble bees,
buzzing in their hive
with plenty of honey,
To bees, the honey is
mostly like money,
From all around the world,
animals stir,
The worlds full of 
     and different sound
The animals all have their
own type of song.


(I refrained from doing anything but normalizing the spelling....
Love what she's doing here with her syntax and sentence structure.)