Monday’s Music Box: Gogo Penguin…

…on NPR’s Tiny Desk Series.

Playing a trio of tunes highlighting their unique versatility of styles and sounds.

You may remember them from this previous SSfS post. I dig them so much, I had to share more.

To call them simply a jazz trio doesn’t come close to doing them justice. So many elements of so many genres and sonic flavors make them hard to genre-fy. Beautiful melodic qualities, driving drum-work and that bass playing the perfect bridge between the two. Just my kind of thing. (I liken them to a softer, more approachable Bad Plus, whom I guess I shall also have to share soon…)

Plus they’re a blast to watch. Pay special attention to the second tune, where-in the piano player applies duct-tape to a set of strings on the piano to alter the sound.

(On a side-note. If you are looking for new music to explore, I cannot recommend NPR’s Tiny Desk series enough. Short, 2-3 song, live performances in the studio/office of NPR Music.)