Monday’s Music Box: Nature Boy

This became one of my all-time favorite songs when I heard the version from Kurt Elling’s album, “The Messenger.”

So a little more of Kurt, because sometimes I just can’t get enough of this guy.  Plus, he’s fun as hell to watch.

You choose: the studio version or live with an orchestra…or choose not to decide…that’s what I’d do…

And here’s a pretty killer live version he did with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra:

Monday’s Music Box: Tanya…

…and Tanya Jean.

(This one’s for Jeremy…)

The artistry and genius of Dondald Byrd and Dexter Gordon:

And what the amazing Kurt Elling has done with Tanya.

[If you’re not familiar, vocalese is a style of jazz singing where-in the singer creates lyrics that are sung to the melody of another artist’s instrumental tune, improvised solos included.  Kurt sure can pick ’em.

While I was never much for vocalese, Kurt Elling is another story.  Impeccable timing, rich timbre, a technically stunning performer, style out the wazoo and he happens to be just one hell of a poet in his own right.  The lyric he wrote over this piece is perfect.]