Quoets for Poets: Camus

I've been re-reading The Myth of Sisyphus again....

"All this is good and I wait for you to continue.  But you tell me 
of an invisible planetary system in which electrons gravitate around a 
nucleus.  You explain this world to me with an image.  I realize then 
that you have been reduced to poetry: I shall never know."

                 --Albert Camus

Whitty Schism 2/15/14, That thing…

(my mind's continuing verbal wars with itself)

It's like that thing that wasn't 
what I thought it was 
though I was certain that it was

but now I cannot see it 
as I saw it wrongly. 
No matter how hard I try
I cannot now see it 
as other than it is.

It's like that thing 
I thought I saw 
but didn't, 

that thing that wasn't 
what I thought I saw 
but only what it was.