Critters in Squares


Just that.


Twelve of them.

(Although, to be fair, some of them are repeat visitors.)

Within the garden.

Within the frame.

If only for a moment.

Doing their Critterly things.

The Ecstasy of Autumn

“To say anything—the mere effort alone—is a form of abandonment, an act of distortion. We can’t pin the world down in words, but there’s incredible pleasure in attempting to chart the slippage.”

—Joseph Massey


we slip

from being to saying

there is pleasure

in the tearing away

abandoning the seen

for the said

it’s the tension

between the two

between the too

many things

Rainbow Cathedral

A color version from the Garden series.

Lovely and strange rainbow lens flare of the Lensbaby Plastic Optic.  It happens often with this optic when shooting into the sun.  One of the things that Lensbabies do so well–take what is usually considered optic weaknesses or flaws (in this case, chromatic aberration and lens-flare) and turn them into a strengths.