Monday’s Music Box: SHAKER, PAXARIÑO – Improvisacion con Kanun y Ney

Something a little different from Mr. Paxariño, for Lynn.

Also for Alice, because her son, I believe, plays the Ney.  Not your ordinary flute!

There are about six recording of these two gentlemen together from two different performances, both on Espacio Ronda.

I watch these performances over and over and over again and I never tire of them.  Simply stunning work.

The instrument that Mr. Shaker is playing is called variously “kanun”, “qanoun” or “qanun”, a type of zither played throughout the Middle East, Central Asia, southeastern Europe and eastern North Africa.

I debated about which of these performances to share first and opted for this one because it gives a great view of the mechanism of the kanun.  It is a fascinating and mind-boggling instrument which you can read more about it here…..which led me down a rather ridiculous series of rabbit-holes into the stupefying world of Arabic music theory.

I will likely share another of their performances next week….