this place I have 
slept through
is a kind of 
hell place

this hollow apartment 

you go back and all 
the furniture is gone

now it is empty

the whole family is gone
and you are alone

now that you have come back
there is no going back to the 
time before you tried to come back

and you are back to the time
before you could have possibly started

and it is over


We went into the streets 
and squared our shoulders 
against the coming night.  

The clouds hung low in 
our minds, eating us--
eating our thoughts.

The rats were everywhere, 
walking over our feet and
chewing our fingernails for us.

We twisted our hearts into 
animal shapes and 
gave them to the rats.

They did not want them.
They wanted the bones of 
our world to gnaw on.

They wanted to be 
the humming birds that ate 
the fairies of our hearts.

They wanted to filet the blue 
fish of our minds.  
They wanted to burrow 

through our marrow 
and delve into our guts, 
coming up with fresh oysters.

...puttin' the "Po'" in NaPoWriMo...