Sunday’s Soundtrack for Surfing: Boozoo Bajou


Don’t know nuthin’ about ’em ‘sept I fount ’em on Youtube and I dig the shit out of this.



Way cooler than me.

Probably cooler than you.





You know the drill.

(Plug some real speakers in this time)

(Preferably play it loud)

Press play.

Go on about your day.


Monday’s Music Box: Soundtrack for Surfing…The Cinematic Orchestra

This is my city.

My city is a dark city.

My city sleeps in the light.

Comes alive when niceties,

formalities, moralities doze.

Murder capital. Mainstream

mainline midwest nightmare.

Only a city could have made this.

Only a city would have made this happen.

Susurrations and  permutations

in plain black and white surreal noir.

Darkness made Visible. Organic ordination

in non-ordinal imaginary numbers.

The Order of the Night.

The statistics lie and we are all spies

sleeping through our lives and

turning and turning and turning

on each other and turning

each other on

and off, on and

off, on