2020 – 066/366 – Mild Life Crisis….the Beginning

No. I’m not really having one. But maybe I kind of almost did.

About ten or fifteen years ago.

Some guys might buy a sports car or a motorcycle or an electric guitar. They might start having an affair with another woman. They might get a tattoo….

I bought a lot (a large sum and allot) of expired film on ebay.

I started dating three “other women” (cheap film cameras).


The Ladies (they’re not jealous types…they get along fabulously)


One was kind of like an older, somewhat worn mail order bride who really tried to emulate a fancy German model back when she was younger. (A Seagull 4A, which is a Chinese Rolleiflex knock-off)

One was younger but rather like a cheap, dime-store floozy. (A Holga–also Chiinese but made almost entirely of plastic)

And one was rather like an aging, once trend-setting fashonista who is now well past her prime. (a Minolta Maxxum 5 from the early 2000’s which takes the same lenses as my Sony Alpha mount cameras)


The hipster trend hadn’t fully hit the photography world yet. Expired film wasn’t cool yet. So I was able to find a mixed bag of about 30 rolls of 120 and 35mm, color print and color slide film for about a dollar a roll on Ebay.

Two years later and suddenly expired film was in high demand and the price went through the roof. Other than a four-pack of Kodak Max 400 (expired in 2012) that I found at a thrift shop for a dollar, I haven’t bought any more film but I still have quite a few rolls to shoot and am just now getting around to scanning most of the stuff I shot ten years ago. So I’m starting the Affairs over again….and reminiscing about Trysts of Times Past…..

Stay tuned for more episodes of Mild Life Crisis…..coming soon…..