“what we see is never what we touch” — heard




three (or is it four?) birds



twelve (or is it thirteen or fourteen or fifteen?) lines



one song



(click on image for larger view)

(the title of the series comes from “The Wings of Daylight” by W. S. Merwin)


Zenaida macroura

Grey morning creeps in

through open-eyed windows, steals

between the sheets—as

dark as the thought of

cold before it can be felt—

slips through shuttered eyes

sewn shut by colors

dreamed into them without will

or consistency,

and now, just there, just

above the window, grey-winged

mourners come.  Perhaps,

like me, they want the world to

wake up without them.

Trying out a new form that David at Derelict Satellite invented I believe, has definitely 
mastered and been kind enough to loan me....the haiku sonnet.  
Incredible and inspirational work on his blog.