May 27, 2009 to October 3, 2012? Really?! Took yah that long, huh?

I’m your trashy neighbor.    The camaro…up on cinder-blocks?  Yeah, that’s my blog, man.  I know it’s been sittin’ there a while man but THIS year I’m really gonna get it up and going.  It’s pretty bitchin’ ,huh?  You like the paint-job?  Yeah, it’s like the eighteenth one in three years.  Been tweakin’ what’s under the hood too.  Check out those widgets man…changed ’em like six times just today.  But look — I got new rims, tires, carb, starter….fired it up just—what?   Oh, you heard that, huh?  Woke you up?  Wow, sorry man.  How ’bout I take you for a ride?  Man, this thing’s got a T-Top!  Umm, yeah, soon as I get the transmission re-built this thing will REALLY haul ass!!

Really, I won’t be that kind of trash any more….but I AM gonna need to do a lot of work on the engine….sorry, man.