Monday’s Music Box; Soundtrack for Surfing: Rafael Karlen – The Sweetness of Things Half Remembered

Jazz with a taste of classical?

Chamber Jazz?

Rainy day music?

Musical nostalgia for saudade?

Whatever you want to call it,

it is sweet to hear.

And the method is the same:

Press play.

Go on about your day.



Monday’s Music Box: Draw your Swords

Angus and Julia Stone.

Seems like all my preferred music these days is coming from the other side of one or the other ocean. Or at least outside these borders. Does this reflect a deeper sentiment?

I will keep my sword in its sheath…for now….

I am absolutely in love with these guys.

Brother and sister from Oz.

Simply beautiful.


(the return of) Monday’s Music Box: The Paper Kites


Don’t let their sweet sound fool you.

There is a depth

and an edge here

that defies the easy listen.

(Lyrics follow)

(this one’s for Silvia)



Had a dream that I sent for your love in the morning
And you came to me at about a quarter to three
Said I didn’t look like I used to look and man I do not know your face
And I woke to discover that the things that you said
Were true to me in some kind of way

So I stared down the figure in the bathroom mirror
Took the razor in my hand
Now I could draw a line or I could cut my hair
But it don’t change the way I am

Cause I’m a part of the world I live in now
Only set apart from the world I live in now
Ghost of a renegade

San Marino sun took me in, it eclipsed me
And the world it was vacant like I’d never seen
And once I walked the rhythm in my own damn way
Part of the evolving age
But I heard the warning from that young mans lips
And he said that times would change

The Return of Monday’s Music Box, Soundtrack for Surfing: We Lost The Sea

So apparently there’s this thing called “post-rock” and apparently I really dig it.

Prog-Rock and Art-Rock’s lovely, mad bastard.

Crescendo’s abound.

Atmosphere’s crashing down.

We are all leaving now.

(In case you’ve forgotten how this Soundtrack for Surfing Thing works:

  1. Press Play
  2. Go on about your day
  3. Press Play again or
  4. See where this leads you….)