Braggin’ on my Girl…

…and her new Blog!

Some of you may recall that my daughter, now 7, is a very talented little girl.  She is a gifted artist.


(One of her recent drawings.  No, she didn’t trace anything.  Yes, she did this free-hand without looking at a picture even.  Go ahead.  Pinch yourself.  I have to regularly.)

I’ve posted some of her art before:

Our Amazing Little Girl

Magpie Art

A number of dear friends have encouraged me to start Magpie a blog of her own to showcase her artwork and we (she and I) have finally done it!

Please welcome Magpie’s Menagerie to the world of WordPress!

I am astounded by her abilities on a daily basis.  She has a gift for sure but most importantly I am proud of her for her hard work and constant drive to improve her art.  She is always trying to do better.

(Oh, and her ballet teacher just skipped her a level!  I’ll stop puffing my chest now…)

She has put a lot of thought into the blog and is very excited about adding more art and ideas soon.  You can expect to see drawings, paintings, poems, photos of Fairy Houses, LOTS of pink (I swear we had nothing to do with it–it has to be biological), and…who knows what else.

I hope you’ll come by and say “HI”.

Thanks all–

Phriday ~Phaiga~ 2/8/13

Not really a Phaiga, technically, but I made up that word and besides, I couldn’t resist.

It does have a poem accompanying a picture, so, in my book, it qualifies.

A guest poster this week.  She’s now writing poetry.

None other than Miss Magpie Sage…photo(1)

The Butterfly That Cried

Oh, the butterfly who cried
nobody heard her because she was inside.

She sighed,
as the fairies lied
in the spot where she hides.

Only one fairy heard her,
the fairy that read to her,although,
she was happy on the inside.

—Magpie Sage (transliterated by me, her dad)

If you’re wondering about the weird phonetic spelling, she’s seven and she’s in a French language immersion program so she tends to blend French sounds with English.

Have a very Phaerie Phriday!

Our Amazing Little Girl

OK, so maybe I’m not so good at tooting my own horn, or at least not too loudly.  You know, I’m more of a sit-in-the-corner-and-toodle-quietly-on-my-horn-and-you-can-listen-if-you-like kind of guy.  But where my daughter is concerned I will sing her praises and sing them loudly.  She never stops amazing me.  You may have seen some glimpses of her around here before.  I suppose it’s time I introduced her.  Her name is Magdalena Sage or Maggie for short or often Magpie.

And, I guess I will toot my horn a just little bit here.  This is probably my favorite picture of her that I’ve taken.


She is an artist.  She started drawing before she started talking and almost before she started walking.


Before she was two, she would sit and draw, without stopping, for over an hour.  Before she was two.


She is an artist.  Deep in her soul.


She turned seven this last November.


A dear friend of ours who is an artist and teacher recently showed Magpie this video, once through:

From memory, Maggie then drew this….

photo 4

Did I mention she was seven?

Sometimes I have to pinch myself…

I’m done bragging….for now.