false face 9 (mirrors of our words)

Can you imagine 
any more than I can
what it would be like 
to not inhabit the space 
our bodies occupy?
And yet, is this not what 
we have all been doing 
for far too long?

false face 8 (mirrors of our words)


And what if I 
tell you I'm not going to 
tell you about me,
that I'll just 
"let my words speak for themselves"?

How pompous!
What hubris!
As if my words were ever 
really mine to own! 
As if I had any control over their choosing!
As if they had an owner! 



I could put them on the page and then—
in the very next breath—
they are not my own—
not mine to own—
just mine to mine. 

A wonder!

A ponder, fonder than my own,

my words have their own voices.

false face 7 (mirrors of our words)


If I tell you what a piece of shit I am, 
am I not really just asking you to 
come rushing to my defense, 
to valorously defend me from myself
or am I perhaps asking you to
join in with the jeering crowd 
that already inhabits my skull?

false face 6 (mirrors of our words)


We are all really just liars.         
Here I am doing it right now,     
being a just liar,
trying to convince you 
how aware I am of 
how little the truth of my life 
can be conveyed 
by the truth of my words,
trying to convince you 
how aware I am of 
how little I can really 
tell you about myself by...well...
telling you about myself,

trying to convince you 
how little I care about 
whether you really know 
who I AM by...well...
telling you more about 
who i am...