Brick City: What have you been smokin’?

(In color…watch out…things could get a little weird…)


3 thoughts on “Brick City: What have you been smokin’?

  1. your title for this post reminded me of William Carlos Williams who often used to include phrases conversations in his beloved Paterson in his poems;

    I wanted to hear more of a conversation that might have happened (actually or createdly) by or under or through this photograph: as I understand it your theme of ‘Brick City’ are the bricks (history) of the city that are gradually swallowed up by plastic overlay or decay; the bricks … are the voices of people who lived their lives decades ago, for decades, and then disappeared (or ‘became’ bricks), the voices weren’t talking about the buildings/bricks, they were talking about their lives, mundane or not with the backdrop of these buildings; I would love to read these conversation while looking at the photographs

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  2. Emerald City, here I come.

    We’re off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz. Because because because because beCaaaauuusse! Because of the wonderful things he does.

    This is a gem…the color! I love it.

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